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Monthly Railway Transport Technology from the very beginning was a good place for publicity. Among the more than 130 companies on the list of advertisers are the largest producers in the world. Next to them are publishing on our pages  small domestic companies, and for many of them Railway Transport Technology has become the first step to enter the market with its products.

Price list of advertising in 2014.

  •     I cover page 3900 zł
  •     Back cover 1600 zł
  •     Third cover page 1600 zł
  •     IV cover page 1900 zł
  •     Inside page number 1200 zł (smaller size proportionally less)

Technical-advert article of volume of at least 2 pages - 750 zł per page

Ads with sizes smaller than the whole page - prices proportional to size. Minimum 1/6 page ad format.

All ads are done in full color.


With the declaration of the contract in 2013.

  •     above 5000 zł 20%
  •     over 10,000 zł 30%

The prices net. VAT - 23%.

The dimensions of the page in the magazine:

  •     width 205 mm
  •     height 285 mm

Minimum technical conditions of advertising material submitted for publication:

  •     materials on CD-ROM or e-mail: minimum 300 dpi resolution

The numbers will appear:

  •     No. 1-2 on February 20
  •     from 3 to 6 in the 20 of each month,
  •     No. 7-8 after August 20,
  •     No. 9 after September 15
  •     from No. 10 to October 5
  •     from 11 to 12 after the 10th of each month

Materials for publication should be submitted at least 15 days before the deadline of number, or by the individual prior arrangement.

Additional information:

Tel. 695 869 874

e-mail: tts.redakcja@infotransport.pl

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