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World report
among others, 1/2013 5 Cost of maintenance of rolling stock in the world amount to 38.5 billion euros per year; Expansion of Paris Metro; Ukrainian Railways investment in the face of the crisis; 6 pages

EU news
among others, The Commission adopted proposals for a fourth railway package; EU announces strategy for clean fuel; passengers rights: better protection for bus and coach travel within the European Union; 3 pages

Domestic news
among others, Service center for Pendolino trains construction in Warsaw; Bombardier will provide ERTMS for the Legnica - Wroclaw – Opole line; 2 pages

Strategy for transport In Poland 2020
Author: Tadeusz Dyr
On the 22th January 2013 Ministers Council adopted a resolution on transport development strategy until 2020, submitted by the Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy. This document defines main directions of activities and their coordination. Implementation of the strategy will allow not only to remove currently existing barriers, but also to create a new quality of transport infrastructure management and transport systems. 13 pages

Evaluation of the quality of the static passenger information on stops and railway stations PKP PLK
Author: Bogusław Molecki
With the entry of the new train schedule (2012/13), the obligation to put timetables on railway stations and stops passed from carriers on railway infrastructure manager. Such solution was supposed to facilitate the process and improve the quality of passenger information. The first announcement of a new timetable appeared about a month in advance. After reporting errors and inaccuracies during the schedule change appeared a second, revised version of the schedule. In February, on stations and stops was put a third version, linked to the winter correction timetable. Unification of a schedule form allows the assessment of their quality, understood as the readability and usefulness for potential passengers. 8 pages.

Railways of the spaceship base Baikonur in Kazakhstan
Author: Michaił S. Mukownin, Marek Graff
Rail transport plays a key role in the functioning of a space flight base Baikonur. Railway advantages are invaluable in moving and installing missiles in the vast area of the spaceport, and from the point of view of safe transport. Baikonur Cosmodrome is located in Kazakhstan, now leased by Russia under contract till 2050. The complex was built in February 1955 as Science and Development Proving Ground Test No. 5 (Rus. Nauczno-Issledowatielskij Ispytatielnyj Traverse N. 5) in order to test missile ballistic (class ICBM), for example R-7. Among the founders can be enumerated Vasily Wozniuka and the father of the Soviet rocket program, Sergei Korolev (including creator missile R-7). Spaceport initially served to fire ballistic missiles, and later also launchers. 6 pages.
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Non-standard powering urban vehicles without the constant upper system of overhead cables
Author: Tadeusz Maciołek
Electric trams for over one hundred years are usually powered through a continuous upper system of overhead cables network. Network of return are the rails. This solution is technically mastered and provides sufficient parameters of energy to operate the rolling stock in a variety of weather conditions. Tram, trolleybus as ecological means of transport with high capacity are promoted. At the same time the presence of wires above the streets in urban areas is difficult. It worsens the architecture of the streets. The problem is also with suspending catenary. Owners of buildings adjacent to the tram try to get removed construction transverse suspensions of the walls. Reduced urban space makes it difficult to put poles. With intense pedestrian and bicycle traffic are higher risks of the network fall. As a result, many cities in Europe have abandoned their tram or refrain from their development. 3 pages.

Comparative analysis of electric drives for adjusting the train crossover of type EEA-5 and S700 KM
Author: Mieczysław Kornaszewski, Dawid Czubak
Electrical switch drives are electrically operated devices used for automatic crossovers adjustment. At the operator command the control system gives the drive voltage to the drive, which results in moving the switch point to the opposite position. The drive is used to set the switch from one position to another and to seal it in the end positions. 4 pages.

Analysis of results from current collector monitoring system under real traffic conditions on a railway line
Author: Krzysztof Karwowski, Mirosław Mizan, Marian Ochal, Kazimierz Woźniak
Electricity (a specific form of goods), supplied by the traction substations to supply propulsion systems of rail vehicles (in this case tramway vehicles) should be characterized (like any commodity being traded) by adequate quality [1, 6, 7]. First of all this energy must be supplied continuously. Trams should alleviate transport problems, and not additionally block traffic on the streets in case of power failure. Another important feature of this product, which is this mentioned energy, maintain an appropriate level of voltage at the point of receipt, which is on current collector of a traction vehicle. 5 pages.

The assessment of voltage level at tram’s pantograph - chosen examples
Author: Ireneusz Chrabąszcz, Mateusz Potempa, Janusz Prusak

The analysis of the influence of wear of 49E1 rails on the index value of the bending strength
Author: Jacek Caban, Leszek Gardyński, Sylwester Samborski
The huge development of railways occurred in the second half of the nineteenth century and in the early twentieth century. The reason for this was the opening in 1825 of the first railway line in England from Stockton to Darlington and then from Liverpool to Manchester [6]. Economic development largely depends on efficient transport system which should allow reliable, safe and efficient transport of goods both in domestic and international circulation [7]. 4 pages

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