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World report
Start-up of low-cost Ouigo TGV trains in France; TGV trains Paris - Barcelona; Tests of hybrid diesel – electric locomotive Bombardier Traxx; Budapest announces a tender for 37 low-floor trams; p. 7;

EU news
Aberdeen and Zagreb were awarded the European Union in the field of sustainable mobility; EU announces strategy for clean fuel;

Inland news
Tests of a locomotive Gama Marathon; SIRTS signs an agreement on a program of research for railway transport Shift2Rail; p. 2;

Crash technology – Polish technical solution for the improvement safety in the railways
Modern fleet means both high speed and comfort, as well as better security. All of these attributes involve not only the global corporations, but also of national engineers.

Methodological problems of the calculation of the access fee to the railway infrastructure
Author: Juliusz Engelhardt
The current system of rates of access to rail infrastructure calculation was specified in the Act of 28 March 2003 on railway transport (hereinafter referred to as the Act) and the provisions of Regulation Minister of Infrastructure of 27 February 2009 on conditions of access and use of railway infrastructure (hereinafter referred to as the Regulation). p. 9;
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Gazprom railway In the Yamal Peninsula
Author: Marian Danilewicz
With the end of the currently exploited gas fields located in Western Siberia and the European part of Russia (Volga region), have increased the importance of reserves in the Yamal Peninsula, located above the Arctic Circle and being a kind of extension of the Ural mountains, and Ob estuary into the Kara Sea. Gas production on Yamal Peninsula (Yamal in Nenets language - the indigenous people of the peninsula - means the end of the world) is done in 11 fields of gas (and oil - with 15 fields), of which the most important are: Bowanienkowskoje, Charasawejskoje, Nowoportowskoje, Jużnotambiejskoje, Siewierotambiejskoje and Zapadnotambiejskoje, discovered back in the 70s of XX c., 7 pages;

Tramways In Kaliningrad
Author: Marek Graff
Trams in Königsberg (Ger. Köningsberg, Russ. Kaliningrad), the capital of the Kaliningrad region, bordering with the Polish from the north, are functioning since 1895 and formally are the oldest tram system in present-day Russia. Another feature of this system are the tracks of 1000 mm gauge rails (next to Pyatigorsk, trams of meter gauge in Russia are not used). Tramway transport in Königsberg was launched at a time when the city was part of East Prussia, belonging to Germany. The situation remained until 1945 when as a result of the Second World War and the decisions that were made after its end, the region was divided between Soviet Russia and Poland, giving Russia a town on the Pregel bord. Currently trams, next to buses and trolleybuses, form the basis of public transport in Königsberg. p. 8;

Inverted systems of overhead catenary - elastic and stiff
Author: Tadeusz Maciołek
Service of electric tram rolling stock is carried out in the halls. Modern electric fleet, especially passenger and modernized rolling stock, has on a roof collectors in addition to many new devices. These devices, like the collectors, also require maintenance. Many service halls in Poland currently requires repair or modernization. For some of them it is appropriate to introduce movable catenary wires. Work on the roof of the rolling stock without the presence of catenary is easier. Better is service safety. It is possible to apply the catenary is also in halls with a crane above the tracks. p. 2;
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Voltage the system of overhead catenary as the indicator of possibilities of increasing of the recycling energies
Author: Mikołaj Bartłomiejczyk, Marcin Połom
Noticeable in the last decade is the increase the number of electric vehicles in urban transport, equipped with a regenerative braking capability, opens up the possibility of reducing the energy absorption of urban traction. However, despite the new energy efficiency opportunities related to regenerative brakes in vehicle, traction substations are not equipped with devices for energy storage of this type of braking. p. 5;
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Innovative examinations of the railway track roadbed
Author: Ewelina Kwiatkowska
Research railroad bed on operated railway lines is an important issue for the design and modernization of railways. Methods of test on railroad bed are divided into geotechnical and geophysical surveys. The most common railroad bed tests are more extensive and include several research methods: visual assessment of substructure, field studies, laboratory [1]. Indicated studies on railroad bed are done by dismantling the track structure and extending the time of research conducted and increases the cost of investment. Dismantling the railway track during research can be significantly reduced, inter alia, through the use of innovative research method of railroad bed loads. Presented innovative research method was developed in the research team: prof. Marek Krużyński, Ewelina Kwiatkowska and Dr. Jaroslaw Zwolski in Wroclaw University of Technology Faculty of Civil Engineering. p. 5;

Stochastic model of the ballast in analysis of oscillation of the railway track
Author: Danuta Bryja, Igor Gisterek, Ryszard Hołubowski
Selected R & D centres in the world are conducting research aimed at improving the effectiveness of modelling issues related to the railroad and railroad bed. The aim of this work is as good as possible approximation of computer simulation results to the results from laboratory and field tests. Relatively far-reaching simplification of the classic dynamic models where the entire vehicle-track system is reduced to three vibrating masses, causing a very considerable dispersion of results, depending on the method used and assumed parameter values, limiting their usefulness for solving specific issues. p. 3;

Tension in the roadbed caused by arrangement of burdening areas
Author: Łucjan Siewczyński, Michał Pawłowski
For the purposes of road construction during the study load test are carried out in single (remote) places. During normal operation of railroad surface is loaded with a system of incriminating surfaces (sleepers), which are mutually influencing the direct surroundings, increase the effects of interactions transmitted by single surfaces (sleepers). p. 6;
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