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World report
Trenitalia presents a new train CORADIA Meridian for regional traffic; Signing a contract for the supply of rolling stock Desiro for railways Thameslink in London; Signing a contract for subway construction in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; V250 series operating problems and high-speed program difficulties in Netherlands; 8 p.
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EU news
The European Commission subsidizes the 3-year project "Civitas Capital"; The new EU infrastructure policy; 2 p.

Inland news
Moving a line Kraków – Zakopane on a new route; 1 p.

European strategy within the scope of alternative fuels
Author: Tadeusz Dyr
In January, 2013 was published a Communication on a European strategy aimed at increasing the use by European Union transport sector fuel from alternative sources [4]. Its aim is to create a long-term policy framework guiding the development of technology and investment to the dissemination of alternative fuels and obtaining consumer confidence. The reason to work on a strategy of growth in the use of alternative fuels are negative economic and environmental effects of the use of petroleum-based fuels. 5 pages.

Railway line no. 71 Rzeszów – Ocice k/Tarnobrzega
Author: Robert Pikor
In the article “Transport infrastructure in the concept of national spatial development” [1] were presented plans and programs of development of transport infrastructure under the government document National Spatial Development Concept 2030 [2]. In the present concept was skipped an important element of transport infrastructure - railway line No 71 Rzeszow - Ocice next to Tarnobrzeg. It is not just regional importance. It is also a vital part of interregional connections and inter-agglomeration. It is appropriate therefore to present its characteristics and importance to the transport system of the country. 3 pages.
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Metro in Pjongjangu
Author: Marek Graff
Pyongyang Metro is the only system of subways in the capital of North Korea. It consists of two lines – red line Ch'ŏllima and green Hyŏksin, running in north - south direction, and the other - north. East - the south. Both lines have a transfer station and one common station of North Korean railway system. It is estimated that daily use from it by 300 thousand to 700 thousand passengers. Due to the prevailing political system in North Korea. (totalitarianism and total isolation of the country), to obtain complete information on the functioning subways in Pyongyang is impossible. However, was created a museum documenting the construction and subsequent operation of the subway. 5 pages.

Prospect of using the alternative drive in the Lublin trolleybuses (2)
Author: Mikołaj Bartłomiejczyk, Marcin Połom
Purpose of proposed routes using the transit without catenary. 7 pages.

Characteristic points of switches and train intersections
Author: Arkadiusz Kampczyk
Railway turnouts and crossings and are an inseparable component of the railway network. The railway network is a system of interconnected railway lines, stations and rail terminals and all kinds of fixed equipment needed to ensure safe and continuous operation of the rail system [8]. On the railway network worldwide (not only in Poland) there is a large variety of switches and crossings, resulting from adaptation to the operating conditions in which they are used. 8 pages

Evaluation of threatening with stray currents the railway line in urban area for the chosen segment electrified
Author: Ireneusz Chrabąszcz, Przemysław Buda, Janusz Prusak
Railway lines located in extensive urban agglomerations are located in close proximity to various types of equipment and engineering structures necessary for the functioning of large population centres. Catenary for direct current using rails as the return lines, affects in a negative way underground metal devices, such as: cables housing, pipelines, collectors which due to the flow of the stray currents are subject to corrosion. 8 pages.
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