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World report
JR East Railway begins operation of a battery-powered multiple unit; Construction of high-speed lines in Japan; In Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia, is to be constructed within 5 years 6 subway lines; 6 pages.

EU news
EU-China cooperation to improve urban mobility; 1 page

Inland news · Conference 2013
MET Conference 2013; 2 pages

Renovation investments in frames POIiŚ - technical and formal-legal issues
Author: Andrzej Massel
Efficient, suitable to the needs of carriers infrastructure is necessary for the proper functioning of rail transport and is essential to the fulfillment by train its economic and social functions. In Poland, because of the more than 20-year backlog in repairs and maintenance of railway infrastructure, its state is not satisfactory. Despite the fact that since the beginning of this decade delays are gradually made up for yet for many years the state infrastructure will not suit the needs of the transport market [5]. 7 pages.
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Railway tourism – luxury trains (3). Elite railway tourism in Africa
Author: Joanna Hawlena
Development of rail transport on the African continent took place under specific conditions, resulting not only from the climate and environmental difficulties, but mainly from the colonial policy goals. Separatist plans of colonists meant that in Africa there was no concept of building an integrated network of continental railway lines connecting most important cities, economic and tourist regions, as was the case in many regions of the world. In this case, you can observe the emergence of characteristic enclaves of rail transport infrastructure, causing that, in relation to the continent's difficult to clearly define the term "African railways". More often we meet rather names associated with particular regions, in which the railway reached a certain level of development. It is not surprising, therefore, that the nomenclature African rail transport is most common term "Egyptian railways", also called "north African", "railway leading through the land of the Pharaohs", "Kenya" or "South-West". These terms correspond to reality, they relate to regions where railway obtained an appropriate technical level and is the most important means of transporting people and cargoes. 7 pages

Vehicles with the diesel propulsion for the regional service in Poland
Author: Marek Graff
For several years, the Polish regional operators gradually bring into operation the new multiple units. Investors in most cases Marshal Offices benefit from EU aid funds. Currently on PKP network are being already operated approximately 200 DMUs: railcars and multiple units. 10 pages.

Diagnosing and forecasting the technical condition of sub-assemblies of the traction drive
Author: Zbigniew Durzyński
This article presents some results of the work carried out by the Institute of Rail Vehicles "Tabor" in Poznan as part of research and development projects. They relate to modern techniques of control and diagnostics of rail vehicles. 5 pages.

Institutional-legal conditioning of integration of managing transport in agglomerative areas
Author: Łukasz Oleszczuk
The need to increase the degree of integration of public tasks by local government units (LGUs) was been raised repeatedly by politicians from the local level as well as national experts and NGOs. Several times they were undertaken initiatives for the introduction of a comprehensive regulation in this field, but no one came to life due to the current interests of politicians or misunderstanding of the spirit and ideas of self-government. The lack of specific provisions for integrating public tasks by local governments is particularly noticeable in the areas of agglomeration, where the processes of overlapping responsibilities of the various levels of local government are particularly visible. 7 pages.

Railway bumpers - classification, requirements, design, examinations. Part II - the requirement
Author: Wojciech Gamon
According to PN-EN 15551 + A1 railway bumpers are energy absorption devices, consisting of a housing, resilient system, shield and plate (Fig. 1), arranged on both ends of the rail vehicle, remaining in contact with adjacent buffers of the other vehicle. They have a very large impact on the safety and dynamics of rolling stock. Therefore, there are a number of requirements which must be met in order to guarantee an adequate level of safety for passengers and goods. These requirements apply to both their location on the vehicle, markings and dimensions, as well as issues directly related to their work, that is, static and dynamic characteristics and strength of the whole structure. 3 pages.
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