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World report
The opening of Central Station Rotterdam; The city of Nantes opens a second line tram-train; Trams production for Addis Ababa CNR; 3 pages.
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EU news
The European Commission has appointed 11 coordinators of the new policy relating to transport infrastructure; Voting on the fourth Railway Package in the European Parliament; 1 page.

Inland news
Bombardier and KZA Krakow provide signaling systems for railway crossing for PKP PLK; 1 page

Comparative analysis of revitalisation investments in POIiŚ
Author: Andrzej Massel
In the Operational Programme on Infrastructure and Environment 2007-2013 on Polish railway network are realized 9 investment of revitalisation. The aim of these investments is to improve the quality of transport services, both passenger and freight, and the means of achieving this objective is the improvement of the technical state of each of the various sections of the project. In order to illustrate the specificity of revitalization projects in this article we are presented in detail 4 such projects, including sections of Torun-Bydgoszcz, (Gliwice) - Błotnica Strzelecka Opole, Czestochowa-Fosowskie and Inowrocław - Jablonowo Pomorskie. The rest of this article, a comparison of revitalization projects and reached conclusions for use in planning next railway investments in Poland. 10 pages.

Programs and strategies of the development of the railway infrastructure in Poland after 1989
Author: Paweł R. Kozubek, Zdzisław Wojdygowski
Transport infrastructure is one of the determinants of economic and social development of the country. The biggest problem - with a significant impact on the development of the Polish rail transport at the end of the twentieth century. - was the poor state of infrastructure, both linear and point, as a result of underfunding and related physical and moral degradation. It should be emphasized that a very worrying situation, in which are railways when the scale of the accumulation of years of neglect, systems failures and under-investment in this sector has reached a level endangering the safety of transport, was the main reason to make key decisions on which depend the future development of this branch of transport. It seems, however, that in the first years of political and economic transformation of railway transport met misunderstanding of its role in the economy of the country and underestimating the investment needs. 6 pages.
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Location of intermodal terminals
Author: Józef Stokłosa, Tadeusz Cisowski, Krzysztof Olejnik, Grzegorz Woźniak
Terminals are the hubs of intermodal transport network - the interfaces between different modes of transport - and are points country's transportation system through which it is possible to access the intermodal system. The greater the number of hubs - intermodal land and land-sea terminals - then easier is the access to the rail network, enabling more efficient use of rail capacity. 4 pages.

Railway tourism – luxury trains (4). Elite train tourism in Australia
Author: Joanna Hawlena
Australia and Oceania are the smallest of the continents, which was discovered and colonized as a last one. A part from raising interest of travellers it engaged almost all States in colonial policy. In 1873 the British government sent into Australia, William Gosse with the task of exploring the largest possible geographical space, cataloguing most important and interesting places, preparing maps and putting on them their observations. This information enabled the early settlements of the British, then the colonization of the continent and provided base for Australian railway network construction. 8 pages.

Modern electric multiple units in Poland
Author: Marek Graff
For several years, Polish operators gradually make purchases of new multiple units designed to operate on electrified lines. It is worth noting that the discussed rolling stock is characterized by technological solutions in Poland so far not used on a larger scale, for example: pulse start, three-phase traction motors, a significant share of low floor in the passenger compartment, Jacobs trucks, including powered Jacobs trucks. These solutions become a kind of standard, like the air conditioning of vehicles or vehicle operating speed reaching 160 km / h. 14 pages.

Analysis of the operation of a traffic control system for tram within Lipinskiego-Czerwone Maki
Author: Jan Aleksandrowicz, Konrad Chwastek
Krakow - the second largest Polish city and one of the largest academic centers, and tourist - must meet the increasing demands on transport services. With Comprehensive Research Movement (KBR) from 2013 show that the castle of Krak is a city of a polycentric characteristic. This means that downtown is the goal of many trips taking place in the Krakow agglomeration. In relation to KBR in 2003 can be seen a clear increase in the importance of individual transport and at the same time decreasing importance of public transport (Table. 1). 4 pages.

Issues of the safety in the railway transport
Author: Stanisław J. Cieślakowski
Railway transport of goods in Poland amount during the year approx. 300 million tonnes, representing approx. 25% of the cargo transportation by all means, while the transport performance in freight transport is approx. 55 000 million tonne-km, which represents approx. 23% of the total work transport carried by all means of transport. For this reason, this transport should be carried out with particular attention to safety. 3 pages.
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Using the EU aid budget in the public transport on the example of the Metropolis of the Gdańsk Bay
Author: Hubert Kołodziejski, Olgierd Wyszomirski
The development of urban transport is a phenomenon of quantitative and qualitative character. It is of particular importance in heavily urbanized areas where there is significant evolution of the nature ofthe relations existing between interrelated zones. The specificity of these areas due to the high concentration of population, buildings, businesses, trade, educational institutions results in the accumulation of functions and activities which are essential for socio-economic development not only this area, but also for development in the region, nation and even the world. 8 pages.

Influence of the type of the property of the operator on using resources in the urban communication - modelling
Author: Wojciech Bąkowski
Companies involved in passenger transport in the system of public tasks on behalf of the organizer act as operators. Featured with this name operators perform services according to the tasks assigned to special financial rules and without the participation of competitors. New organizational legal solution aims to increase accessibility to transport services for passengers on the "low" prices. Lower prices for travel in relation to the market price is supposed to motivate travellers to use public transport and to discourage the use of the own car. The operator is paid by the transport authority according to the rates determined in the tender and that guarantying profitability for this activity. As a result, the difference between revenues from ticket sales and the costs incurred for the purchased vehicle kilometers is covered from the budget of local government. 3 pages.
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Change characteristic of load of selected substations of a 3 kV traction power supply due to increase speed of trains over 200 km/h
Author: Agata Urban
The concept of creating Central Railway Trunk Line was forced by the need to increase transport capacity for Silesia (central region and the north-eastern region of Poland), which resulted in an increasing number of transport tasks. Due to these circumstances in February 1970 he was defined a plan to build a new railway line Zawiercie - Grodzisk Mazowiecki - Korytów - Plock - Gdańsk. This line would be a main line and in the future was to be used to carry out an express passenger traffic. 7 pages.

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