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World report
50th anniversary of high speed rail in Japan; Pesa trams for Moscow already in operation; Shinkansen Dr. Yellow to infrastructure diagnostic; 4 pages
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EU news
The new Italian high-speed train - Frecciarossa 1000; More than 2/3 of European Union citizens are satisfied with public transport, but still not enough of them is using it regularly; 10 years of the European Railway Agency; 2 pages;

Inland news
Łódź Agglomeration Railway has started; "Sunny" has chosen by nearly 68,000 travelers; The test of ERTMS control system; 3 pages;

The analysis of the influence of social and economical factors on the volume of railway passenger transports in Poland
Author: Andrzej Żurkowski
The volume of passenger traffic carried by public transport in Poland since the end of the 70s is systematically decreasing. This applies in particular to railways, which at the beginning of this period has transported 1.1 billion passengers (1980), and now carries less than 300 million people per year. A similar decline was noted for road public transport, where bus transport services fell from 2.4 billion (1985) to less than 500 million people. A similar declines also apply to transport work. At the same time was observed a dynamic development of individual automotive industry. Only in the last 10 years the number of registered passenger cars in Poland has nearly doubled and now amounts to approx. 19 million vehicles, which is 451 per 1 000 inhabitants. During this period also it built about 1 thousand km of motorways and 800 km of expressways. 5 pages;
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Funicular railway to Hrebeniok
Author: Marek Graff
Funicular railway Stary Smokovec-Hrebienok is the only one funicular in Slovakia. The road travelled by each of the cars is equal to 1 937 m and the lower and upper stations are situated at an altitude of 1025 and 1272 m. The section was built in 1908. In 1950-1951, 1967-1970 and 2007-2008 was modernized. 4 pages;
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Symulat of tram type NGT6Kr
Author: Maciej Górowski, Tomasz Rogacewicz
In Poland are used several professional simulators related to transportation: the Warsaw company CS Consulting and Training operates EP09 electric locomotive simulator, at the Institute of Road Transport - truck simulator, in Gdynia Maritime University - ship simulator. Car driving simulators are in possession of some driver training centres. This of course are only examples of the most well-known structures. It is necessary at this point to mention that these solutions are mainly based on computer programs of western companies. 4 pages;
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Common Safety Methods In European Railway Transport - Theory and practice
Author: Katarzyna Chruzik
The article describes legal requirements related to the implementation of the provisions of Directive 2004/49 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2004 on safety on the Community's railways [10] in the area of common safety assessment methods. This document enforces the gradual introduction of common safety - CSTs (Common Safety Target) and common safety methods - CSM (Common Safety Method) to maintain (or raise) the high level of transport safety after enlargement (liberalization) of the railway market. 8 pages;
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Technical and Professional risk In railway transport - key aspekt of integration
Author: Adam Jabłoński, Marek Jabłoński
Implementing safety management systems rail companies increasingly have a problem with the satisfactory integration of technical risk management processes with existing in their companies occupational risk. This second area of activity so far was poorly exposed in terms of its impact on the safety of rail traffic. More - as a result of his being - was focused on the protection of workers at workplaces from threats affecting their lives and health, less on the safety of railway traffic. 5 pages;
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Traffic prognose In transportation region
Author: Tadeusz Cisowski, Józef Stokłosa
Forecasting of the possible size of the process in the future on the basis of information from the past. Forecasting applies to various fields of knowledge, including logistics and transport. Depending on the forecast, domain knowledge, structure and scope of information about the past, you can use different methods and prediction models. 3 pages;

Market adaptation of the urban public transport organiser
Author: Hubert Kołodziejski
The Act of 16 December 2010 on the public transport caused a fundamental change in the conditions of formation of communication services in the context of organizational and managerial solutions. This Act sets out clear mandatory form of market organization and tasks of the entities forming the supply side. After the entry of the Act into force on 1 March 2011 the only acceptable form of competition in the market is regulated. 5 pages;

Supporting infrastructure investments in the sector of the transport from funds of the European Union
Author: Tadeusz Dyr, Karolina Ziółkowska
Investment in transport infrastructure is an important factor reducing disparities in regional development. These activities, in accordance with the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union [2] include, among others, financial support from the Cohesion Fund and the Structural Funds. In the 2007-2013 financial perspective the funds involved in the implementation of the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF), also known as the National Cohesion Strategy, will amount to approx. 85.6 billion euros, including 67.3 billion euros from the EU budget by 11.9 billion from national public funds (including approx. 5.9 billion euros from the state budget), approx. 6.4 billion from private funds [5]. 3 pages;
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