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Inland & World report
InnoTrans 2014 - Solaris Tramino Brunswick; EH800 series of dual-mode locomotive for the Seikan tunnel in Japan; 2 pages.

Decision criteria for profi le renovation of rail-vehicle wheels
Author: Andrzej Brzeźny, Janusz Marszałek, Andrzej Sowa
The article concerns the issue of applying the criteria on the basis of which decisions are made about the renewal of railway wheels. Attention is drawn to the fact that the dominant type of rail wheel wear is abrasive wear and the external periphery of the wheel running surface. Analysis of the documents relating to the requirements to be met by wheelsets, allows the identification of insurmountable value diagnostic features which is decisive about the acceptance of railway vehicles. In practice, decisions on the renewal of the wheel are taken a little earlier, before reaching the limit values ​​for diagnostic features, due to the possible emergence of other symptoms indicative of unfitness of the wheelset. The paper presents diagrams of changes in diagnostic features such as the thickness of the rim, thickness, height and steepness of the perimeter (measured by periodic inspection of four-axes locomotives). On the graphs are indicated cases of the decision making about the renewal of the of wheels and the reasons for their adoption. 4 pages.

Safety of rail vehicles in context of new legal regulations
Author: Rafał Cichy
The article discusses the latest legal solutions applicable to the introduction of vehicles to traffic. Modes of vehicle approvals in Poland and in the countries covered by the Technical Specifications for Interoperability are presented. Article aims to show the development of rail transport in terms of new railway act. 4 pages.

Operational risk assessment and monitoring of rail vehicles
Author: Marek Sitarz, Katarzyna Chruzik, Rafał Wachnik, Marzena Graboń
The article describes the use of methods of types analysis and effects of possible errors (FMEA) for operational risk assessment in rail transport. The methodology developed by the Department of Rail Transport at the Silesian University of Technology, including the adopted levels of acceptance and forms standard were adapted on Polish railways as a standard for assessing the operational risk by operators and infrastructure managers. Reacting to the development of requirements for safety management - EC Regulation No. 445 of 2011. [3] - Department proposed to use to oversee of railway vehicles selected elements of the standard PN-EN 50126 [2], together with additional parameters associated with the maintenance. The solution is currently being implemented by those responsible for maintenance of the construction of Maintenance Management System (MMS) for freight wagons. This article is dedicated to those who deal with issues of security management both in the carriage of goods and persons and the maintenance of railway vehicles. 4 pages.

A conception of the valuation of the vehicles’ maintenance system in municipal public transport services
Author: Maksymilian Smolnik, Grzegorz Wiązania, Jan Szybka
The article presents the concept of the evaluation of exploatation system of modes of urban transport. There are indicators and characteristics proposed associated to the assessment of the reliability of vehicles in use. The definition of their value requires the collection of additional information, which - collected in databases - facilitate decision-making in terms of assessing the technical condition of vehicles in use, preparation of technical repair facilities, parts supply planning and supplies. 5 pages.

Elementary foundations of the structure of procedure for design centre handling for the intermodal transport
Author: Mirosław Nader, Arkadiusz Kostrzewski
The article presents basic assumptions necessary for the design of a rail-road terminal for intermodal transport. A general characteristics of a container terminal and cargo units flow structure serviced by the container terminal is done and the analytical procedure of shipment terminal design based on the design task is presented. A space-functional diagram for the planned cargo terminal based on assumptions and based on the calculations is also presented. 6 pages.

Diagnostic system of the drive system of rail vehicles
Author: Radosław Miklasz
In the article is discussed a diagnostic system of the drive system of rail vehicles with special emphasis on diagnostic susceptibility of the system. There are guidelines given to develop a diagnostic system models. This article is written as a part of projects projects: forecasting the technical condition of the main rail vehicle systems based on analysis of changes in values of the characteristic parameters of components (N N509 336637) and microprocessor-based diagnostic system of main rail traction vehicle system taking into account the on-going evaluation and forecasting of states (N R10 0048 06/2009), funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. 6 pages.

The technical diagnosis of the running systems of the railway traction vehicle
Author: Tomasz Antkowiak, Zdzisław Pawlak
The article presents issues related to the applicable diagnostics of the rolling stock and waiting for the solution problems associated with modernized vehicles and newly constructed. In addition, it presents the requirements for running system diagnostics according to applicable laws, standards and technical specifications for interoperability (TSI). This article is written as a part of projects: Forecasting the technical condition of the main rail vehicle systems based on analysis of changes in the value of the characteristic parameters of components (N N509 33663) and microprocessor-based diagnostic system of main rail traction vehicle system taking into account the on-going evaluation and forecasting of states (N R10 0048 06/2009) , funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Parties 7.

Preliminary study of the neural networks application effi ciency in research of railway traction substation load
Author: Andrzej Kobielski, Sławomir Drapik, Marek Dudzik, Janusz Prusak
The article presents the results of the application of neural network for concluding statistical data of the registrered momentary load values of a railway catenary sub-station. Possible advantages of this type of inference, as well as the difficulties, on which it will be necessary to pay attention, are pointed out. 4 pages.

Jump and histeresis phenomenon in rail vehicle – track nonlinear model
Author: Mirosław Dusza
The dynamics of nonlinear systems is characterized by several unknown phenomena on the basis of linear systems. One of them is the phenomenon of hopping and hysteresis. Created nonlinear numerical model of the rail vehicle – track with the use of engineering software VI-Rail. Reference force is given through the introduction on both tracks a harmonic transverse irregularities. 5 pages.

Acoustic climate assessment under the path of departure from the military airport Poznan-Krzesiny
Author: Franciszek Tomaszewski, Małgorzata Orczyk, Wojciech Misztal
The article concerns the assessment of the acoustic climate around the military airport Poznań-Krzesiny. The study was conducted in two stages. The first one consisted on the measurement and analysis of the level of noise in the designated measuring points at the airstrip RWY30. The second part of the study focused on the evaluation of the perception of local residents using a questionnaire research. In the final part of the article are given conclusions of the measurements made in both methods research. 4 pages.

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