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About the Polish and world market for sub-assemblies to rail vehicles. Interview with Jacek Biłas Chairman of the company Knorr-Bremse Systems for Railway Vehicles PL Co.

Competition on the rail and bus transport market for connections of Warsaw with urban agglomerations in Poland
Author: Andrzej Abramowicz, Maciej Abramowicz

The new electric multiple units for long-distance and regional traffic in Poland in 2015
Author: Marek Graff

System SUW 2000 in the the railway service between 1435 and 1520 mm gauge systems
Author: Marek Graff

Flirt3 for PKP Intercity
Author: Marek Graff, Jan Raczyński

Interoperability in the railway system in Europe
Author: Marek Pawlik

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Modern facilitities for rolling stock of Lodzka Kolej Aglomeracyjna
Author: Andrzej Wasilewski

Classification of damages of plain carbon caps and pantographheads
Author: Marek Sitarz, Andrzej Adamiec, Adam Mańka

Continuous improvement of technical servicing and repair system of railway substation on the basis of FMEA methodology
Author: Oleksandr Matusevych, Viktor Sychenko, Andrzej Białoń
The article shows the ways of solving the problem of upgrading and efficiency of the technical servicing and repair of railway substation of electrified railways in operation. Proposed to use of FMEA methodology to continuous improvement the technical servicing and repair process of electrical equipment throughout the life cycle. By the given method, the calculation of critical violations operations of subprocess maintenance work of the supply transformer and subprocesses criticality of maintenance of power electric equipment of railway substations is carried out. 5 pages

Wheel/rail contact geometry research and development of locomotive Class 744.0 as examples of R&D activities of the Jan Perner Transport Faculty
Author: Jaromír Zelenka, Tomáš Michálek, Martin Kohout
The Jan Perner Transport Faculty (JPTF) of the University of Pardubice and especially its Department of Transport Means and Diagnostics deals with research and development activities in the branch of railway vehicles. There are two basic reasons for that. At first, it is incumbent upon all academic workers to pursue the science and research according to the Czech law concerning the universities. And the second reason is a relation to the educational process – if the JPTF wants to offer a high quality education in the specialization “Railway Vehicles” (which is offered in Czech as well as English language today) to its students, the research activities of the academic workers (i.e. the teachers) allow them to stick to the newest trends in the branch. In this article, particular examples of cooperation of the JPTF with producers as well as operators of railway rolling stock are presented as a contribution of the faculty to the research and development in the branch of railway vehicles. 4 pages

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