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Competition in the international passenger transport market. Passenger transportation between Warsaw and the capitals of the countries of Central Europe
Author: Małgorzata Kozłowska

Analysis of passenger flows on the route along the railway line No. 406 on the section Szczecin Glowny–Police
Author: Paweł Regulski, Karol F. Abramek

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Passenger and freight rail transport between Poland and the Czech and Slovak Republics
Author: Marek Graff

External locations of modern railway stations – a departure from sustainable mobility?
Author: Jacek Wesołowski
Will people come to the railway regardless of station location or should rather the railway come to where people are? The pursue for central locations for stations was probably the most characteristic feature of Victorian railways urging them to cover huge costs of inner city lots and approaches. It has been often stressed the station has changed it character becoming far more than the pure transport node. The evolution towards a retail and service centre was possible thanks to its inner city location [1]. Recent developments in some countries with most advanced railway systems show that modern stations are often neither central nor even easily accessible. The time gained on quick train travel and lack of check in times is then lost by most customers on long access travels. Also the overall comfort of train travel is thus reduced even if the long journey to the station can be made by metro. Are these good circumstances to turn the railway into most favourite form of travel? 9 pages.

Mini smart grid system in traction power supply
Author: Mikołaj Bartłomiejczyk

Technical and economic efficiency analysis of application of a continuous-control automatic system maintaining optimal water temperature in the diesel engine cooling system of the S200 shunting locomotives
Author: Nikolaj Lukov, Marek Babeł

The emu AM 08 class of Belgian Railways
Author: Marek Graff

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