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MEDCOM enters Australia and getting strength on the tram market

Congestion costs in the European Union
Author: Tadeusz Dyr, Małgorzata Kozłowska

The development of tram communication in cities in Poland in the 2014–2020 financial perspective of EU
Author: Artur Orzeł, Anna Pająk, Marek Graff

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Bicycle Time! About transformation stations forecourts by bicycle architecture
Author: Marta Mroczek

Tourism based on the heritage railways – are the legal and financial barriers effectively blocking it’s development?
Author: Ariel Ciechański, Filip Bebenow

The railway communication between Poland and Ukraine
Author: Marek Graff

A concept of multicriteria method of assessment of rail control traffic system for railroad lines being modernised
Author: Włodzimierz Matusik

Failure-free operation of classification yards through technology optimization
Author: Liudmyla V. Trykoz, Irina V. Bagiyanc
The railway operation practice has proved that the condition of technical equipment considerably infl uences the processes of traffi c organization and making-up/breaking-up trains. Operational failures lead to a lower estimated capacity of sorting facilities and, consequently, to a lower carrying capacity of stations and sections. Besides, they infl ict losses on both Ukrzaliznytsia and wagon/freight owners, thus affecting train and wagon fl ows. The objective of the study is to analyze the infl uence of failures in sorting facilities on their estimated capacity and to search for ways to minimize their negative impact. Methodology of the study is computational simulation and graphical interpretation of a 24-hour estimated capacity of the sorting hump and the lead track, the most signifi cant parameters of which are weight average values, and a variable parameter is the failure rate for technical equipment. 5 pages.

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