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Role of customer service at rail stations in raising customer satisfaction with transportation services
Author: Mirosław Antonowicz, Marek Chrzanowski, Krzysztof Molęda, Tomasz Moś
The authors discuss the problem of customer service at the rail station buildings and its influence on the customer satisfaction. The authors define the idea and role of customer service. They indicate the necessity to innovatively approach the construction of modern station buildings and the need to implement innovative solutions directed at functionality and economy in order to improve the customer service. To support their theses, the authors present customer satisfaction survey results. They also present the customer service policy and the role of quality standards of services provided at station buildings. The conclusions indicate trends in macro-environment and the role of relations in developing customer satisfaction. 7 pages.

Multifunctional hub Łódź Fabryczna
Author: Alina Giedryś, Jan Raczyński
The new history of a new Łódź railway station, its functionsand surroundings has few milestones – in 2007 (concept), the feasibility study (2011) and the technical documentation(2013), than implementation stages (2012-2016). Designed using the best foreign experience in the field of multimodal railway hubs. Its multifunctionality facilitates interchanges between different means of transport, contributing to the time reduction in the door-to-door journey. At the same time, the building an underground station enabled freeing a significant space for urban functions which was up till now an example of a dezurbanized part of the city center. As a result it allowed new urban investments and the creation of the New Center of Łódź. This article presents design concepts and functional solutions of the multimodal central station in Lodz. 6 pages.

Agglomeration railway systems in Poland
Author: Ewa Raczyńska-Buława
The second half of the twentieth century brought very potent urbanization processes, linked to an increasing population growth together with an industry growth with declining demand for workers in rural areas. Cities population in the world accounts currently around 54% of the global population (compared with 33% in 1960), in Europe it is 73% and in Poland it is above 60%. Trends are clearly rising (UN data for 2014 [3]). Urbanization is followed by a rapid urban sprawl resulting from fashion – moving to suburbs is a sign of wealth and good social position, together with lack of sufficient investments in affordable housing estates and better life quality in suburbs – larger homes and green areas, lower maintenance costs. 6 pages.

Łódź Agglomeration Railway vehicle fleet management system in scope of its disposition, technical maintenance and cost control
Author: Andrzej Wasilewski, Janusz Malinowski
Łódź Agglomeration Railway is one of regional carriers in Poland operating in Łódź Province situated in the centre of Poland. The essential aim of establishing Łódź Agglomeration Railway (ŁMR) was to handle Lodz’s agglomeration with a population of 1.1 mln residents, Łódź City has 0.7 mln residents. Transfers served by ŁMR go beyond the area of agglomeration connecting Łódź with the closest cities. Altogether the range of impact of Łódź Agglomeration Railway there are 1.5 mln residents that have to the closest stop no more than 5 km. In the distance up to 1 km from the closest stop live 0.9 mln residents. 6 pages
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12th International Railway Fair TRAKO, Gdansk 26-29 September 2017
The TRAKO fair being held in a two-year cycle is the most prestigious in Poland and second in Europe fair in the railway transport. They constitute the perfect chance to meetings, the presentation and the promotion. This year it took part in them more than 700 exhibitors from 25 countries on 30 000 m2 of exhibition space, and 1 000 m of exhibition track to showcase rolling stock, on-track machines and equipment. 2 pages.

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